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Ruiming Hotel is a super five-star hotel located in Shanghai Lujiazui financial district and covers 120,000 m2.? SAIYO mainly undertakes detailed design of electromechanical engineering of the hotel’s air conditioning / water supply and drainage / fire fighting / strong current systems / comprehensive drawing and the like. Resident on-site manning reaches 12.?The project is planed to complete in July, 2012.

BATH is an exclusive shop selling famous Japanese women’s leather shoes and purses. With special dying on artificial leather, the company designs and sells each kind of new and unique women’s shoes, purses, furniture, ornament and artistic handicraft.?BATH Printemp on Middle Huaihai Road is the first exclusive shop established in China.?SAIYO is mainly responsible for interior decoration design, furniture manufacture and construction of the shop.

The newly built plant of Jinshan Lingyou Engineering Plastic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. covers 9750.82m2, with building area of 13103.5m2. There are 4 individual buildings in all, including office building, canteen and repair room, warehouse and bicycle shed.?SAIYO is mainly responsible for construction of interior decoration, and it is planed to complete in the middle of July, 2011.

Tianjin TEDA Square is located in center of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area of Tianjin Binhai New Area, covering 237,000 m2 and with total building area of more than 1,000,000 m2. It includes 7 areas and more than 20 international grade A commercial buildings and is an international complex commercial area combining office facility, culture and leisure and supporting commercial function.?According to relevant plans, TEDA Square will be fully completed in 2011 so as to meet requirements of high-end commercial enterprises of modern financial industry, consulting service and trade to establish regional headquarter, rent office and carry out commercial activities in Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area.?Construction of TEDA Square began in 2008, and Shanghai SAIYO provides the service of construction drawing design of commercial building of Tianjin TEDA square so as to bring more profit to the company.

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