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Founded in October 2001, Shanghai SAIYO Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional Sino-Japanese cooperative enterprise, mainly engaging in interior decoration and electromechanical engineering design development (SHOP DRAWING&COORDINATION). Optimizing design, saving enterprise cost and increasing profit are SAIYO?s unique technical features among competitors, which are favored by all clients.

The company?s founders all have studied in prestigious universities in Japan for master degree of built environment or doctoral degree of architecture, and have worked for famous Japanese construction companies, personally involved in the design of domestic and international large-scale projects and construction works. They went back to China to establish their own business in October, 2001. They make full use of relations home and abroad and manage the company with advanced management mode and strict work style learnt in Japan. Until now, the company has successfully provided services of detailed electromechanical engineering design, building interior and exterior decoration and construction management for many large-scale and top grade projects such as Shanghai World Financial Center (101 ?oors and 380,000 m2), Shanghai International Financial Center (620,000 m2), Dubai Metro Project (the worldwide largest unmanned metro), Shanghai Tower (121-?oor building under construction), Shenyang Zhongxing Department Store, Wuxi Guolian Building, Riverside Arc de Triomphe (the most expensive residence in China), Pudong Lujiazui Ruiming Hotel (a super five-star hotel) and the like.

Shanghai Yaxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (a professional interior decoration company), as an associate company of our company, has become the designated interior decoration company of Shanghai World Financial Center and Hang Seng Bank Building (formerly known as HSBC Tower) in successive 4 years for its integrity and high quality.***************QQ 3054427336,合成制作工藝流程bet188金宝慱亚洲体育,光碟教學最新QQ 3054427336,******制作技術**********,QQ 3054427336bet188金宝慱亚洲体育,全套技術八千bet188金宝慱亚洲体育,誠信經營生意越做越大.欺詐客戶生意越做越小

Meanwhile, our company establishes long-term cooperative relation with famous enterprises in Japan, providing a series of services related to engineering and sending professional management and technical personnel of design and construction to construction sites in China, Japan, Dubai and the like.

Our company is supported by a team of young, talent, creative and responsible technical and management personnel who can provide complete, professional, efficient, high-quality and low-cost services for enterprises home and abroad. It is one of the best professional large-scale enterprises engaging in architectural and detailed electromechanical design in China. The first book about detailed electromechanical design in China compiled by the professional team of the company will be published at the end of 2011 by China Architecture& Building Press.


We hold "client and integrity come first" as its service tenet, takes actions to establish a modern enterprise system with new design and operation principle, rational management and good after-sale service, optimizes resource allocation, creates an excellent team consisted of young and talented personnel home and abroad, accumulates sufficient design, construction and management experience during its development and provides a series of complete, professional, efficient, high-quality and low-cost construction and management services for foreign-invested companies.

We aims to attract clients with integrity, good service, high quality and advanced technology and become the best one in the industry.

  • The Legal Representative and General Manager: Yang Jing (studied in Japan for 4 years and worked in famous Japanese enterprises for 6 years)
  • Vice General Manager: Zhang Zhongyi (studied in Japan for 6 years and worked in famous Japanese enterprises for 25 years)
  • Vice Manager of Engineering & Research Department (for Electric Design): Wang Yan (Senior Electrical and Mechanical Engineer and 15 years’ working experience in her field.)
  • Vice Manager of Engineering & Research Department (for Drainage design): Gui Changhua (Registered drainage engineer And 6 years’ working experience in his field. )
  • Manager of Architectural Design Department: Li Yi (graduated from a famous university in China and worked in famous Japanese enterprises for 6 years)
  • Manager of Electrical Design Department: Song Mei (electrical engineer and8 years’ working experience in her field.)
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